Danielle Campbell​

Digital Marketing Executive

Danielle is a member of our talented design team and brings an incredible flair for creativity, detail and execution. Producing work at the highest standards, her design pieces have supported our client campaigns across regions, from transactional creatives to the design and production of key industry reports. She has also developed videos, animations and more to lift clients’ campaigns and drive engagement with audiences.

Her role also sees her supporting our own internal campaigns and work, from producing collateral for marketing efforts across both Manning & Co and Gemstar, to developing the visual content for our YoungGems® programs and masterclasses.

More about Danielle Campbell​

Can you tell me how long you’ve been working at M&C and what your role is?

I’ve been working at Manning and Co. For just over 4 years, where I started as an intern doing graphic and video design for the company. I now currently work as a Digital Marketing and Program Executive, overseeing our clients and our company’s own social media, as well as managing our sister company’s entrepreneurship program, YoungGems.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

As a social media manager, every morning starts off with me reviewing last night and this morning’s social media posts. Some of our clients are located in different timezones so their posts might go up during my nighttime. Thankfully I can use a website called Semrush where we can schedule posts ahead of time. Quite a lifesaver for those late-night posts!

Afterwards I’m able to go through my weekly to-do list from Wrike (our project management software) and from there my day usually differentiates day-to-day depending on our clients works or our own company’s internal tasks.

Do you have anything that help you with productivity?

I really like coffee and find it helps me in the mornings to kickstart my day, and really boost my positivity! Usually I like to have a big glass of iced coffee from my coldbrew drip. I grind the beans the night before and set up the drip so I always have coffee in the mornings. I also love music and will almost always have an album or a playlist playing throughout the day. It also helps me to keep on moving so I’m not sitting at my desk the whole day.

What’s your view like from your desk?

I work remote where I typically work in my home office. I have two screens, a shelf that contains my webcam and microphone for calls, and my notebook and pen cup which usually contains a minimum of 20 different coloured pens and highlighters. I also have a window that looks out to the front yard which gives me a nice supply of natural light, especially when it’s during our very bright Australian summers. Occasionally I take a laptop to a café or a library, which is a nice change of scenery, and helps me from feeling bored in the one place.

What are some of your main hobby/s?

I love collecting dice. It started off with a dice set being gifted to me for my birthday years ago, for when I play DnD. Afterwards I realised there were lots of other kinds of dice and from there, it was a slow spiral down the rabbit hole. At the point of this interview I have over 60 sets, made of different materials and different colours. I also love to paint warhammer miniatures. They’re sort of like lego but you have to put them together with glue. I also love to play games, both the video and board kind.

Are you playing any games at the moment?

Currently I’ve been playing a lot of games from childhood. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a game I always go back to for a cozy experience. It’s a fun adventure game with a really pretty world and beautiful music. When I eventually have kids, I would love to play some of the music from the game as lullaby’s for them.

I also have been playing a couple of games from the Need for Speed series. A car racing game where you get to customise your own cars. High Stakes on the PC and Carbon on the PS2. Lots of awesome music that really got me into some of my favourite bands now.