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Mumpreneur – RA very proud mumpreneureading previous posts of mine you will know that as a Mumpreneur myself there are definitely moments when you question what you are doing, ‘Should I be at home more with my children rather than working on my business?’, ‘Should I go on that business trip as I will be away for my daughter’s book parade’ etc.

Since starting Manning & Co. there have been times when I have questioned my decision to go into business. I originally decided to go into business to afford me more time with my children. Little did I realise how much work was involved in starting a business. So while the business has afforded me flexibility, it has also created more work over the last 5 years with many more late nights and weekend work than originally expected.

It was about 18 months ago when my now 6 year old daughter (in photo above at 15 months when I first started M&C) began asking me questions like, “Mummy why do you have to go to work today?”, “Mummy why are you always on work calls?” Needless to say at these times you do stop and question what you are doing and the sense of guilt rises.

To all the Mumpreneurs out there who doubt or question their decision to be in business, I am pleased to write it is all worth it – hang in there! I came to this realisation this week through an enlightening experience that I want to share.

My Personal Tale as A Mumpreneur

During the week I was asked last minute to present a marketing and brand strategy that M&C had developed to a client’s new sales team. Being school holidays I explained to my client I wouldn’t be able to as it was my day off with my daughter. My very understanding client said they were more than happy for me to bring my daughter with me if that would make it possible. So I took Charlotte with me for the presentation. While my two daughters have grown up visiting Mummy’s office, they have never seen me in action so to speak.

About 10 minutes into my presentation my very shy 6 year daughter all of a sudden jumped up and ran across and hugged me so tightly I almost fell over! She continued to hug me for the next 20 minutes as I finished my presentation. It was such a lovely moment – I had to stop and compose myself as I was very teary. My daughter had the biggest smile on her face and was so excited to be there and see Mummy in action and do what I do on a daily basis. My client’s team also had tears in their eyes!

When we were on our way home I said to Charlotte, “Darling, that was so sweet and Mummy loved the big tight hug – thank you”. Charlotte replied, “I was so proud of you Mummy; you did so well.” Wow – what a memorable moment.

I have only ever wanted to inspire my daughters. I want them to grow up knowing that it is ok to follow your dreams. I want to teach them that if they put their minds to it they can achieve anything. After the events of this week I think I am on the right track to achieving my own dream of inspiring my daughters as a mumpreneur– the biggest achievement of mine to date. So hang in there Mumpreneurs…it is worth it in the end when you have moments like I had this week.

Gemma Manning