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Can PR generate sales? YES IT CAN!

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I wrote a blog post a little while a go about PR and sales. It is an area that I am quite passionate about. This is because often in my line of work we are educating our clients about the PR process, how it works and what to expect and how it can dove tail into a businesses sales strategy.

We often come up against the grand old debate about whether or not PR delivers tangible results and can it be linked to the bottom line?? It is often asked, is PR a valuable part of the marketing mix and can it deliver a ROI?

It is one of the biggest challenges that Marketers and PR professionals face with our line of work…illustrating the ROI of what we do – especially with PR.

Well, I am happy to report that recently one of our clients had some great sales success on the back of one of our media campaigns. At Manning & Co, we are very excited for the fashion label and the results that our campaign achieved.

The campaign involved targeting key music and fashion media at the beginning of the year when our client first launched their apparel label. For our key target media, we sent t-shirt samples presented as an old school vinyl with some really cool product cards. The campaign attracted media coverage at the time. However the campaign’s biggest coo was a great piece that appeared in The Age, 9 months after we first executed the campaign.

Lessons learned? The main lesson that has come out of this campaign and its success is that using PR and the media as part of your marketing strategy to support branding, profiling and sales objectives is a long term process. Patience and consistency in your messaging and communication is really necessary to see the benefits of any PR efforts.

PR needs to be viewed as part of a long-term marketing strategy that uses a very targeted approach. Know your target media audience, build relationships with them, and provide them newsworthy material on a regular basis.

To view some recent media successes for our client Underdog Clothing, visit https://www.underdogclothing.com/

Gemma Manning