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Design enhances brands in digital era

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Innovative design plays an influential role in creating brand experiences that are compelling, memorable and authentic. Good design can help a brand stand out in the market place. In a digital era, design is becoming increasingly intertwined with brand strategy and brand communications. Design can enhance a strategy and ensure the right outcomes of a re-brand are achieved.

Design is a subjective area of marketing and brand stategy and good design means different things to different people.

Embracing modern design – design that intersects online and offline environments to create brand experiences that stand out for customers – is something that cutting edge, innovative and marketing leading brands are actively doing.

One example is PWC – aka PriceWaterhouse Coopers (www.pwc.com.au). Recently the company launched a new brand identity that featured shortening their name to PWC and a logo that was designed predominately for the online environment. Their logo is dynamic and comes to life online. It is multi-dimensional with many layers. Online, the logo is interactive and used to support a number of key messages. It further supports the companies brand values. PWC have lead the way in this area compared to their competitors.

Another great example of brands who have used design to stand-out and achieve their brand communication objectives include:

Not many companies are there yet in terms of seeing the potential of design that caters for both the online and offline environment. The companies that have taken the leap are market leaders in their fields, innovative and not afraid to embrace the digital era.

 Gemma Manning