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The Task

UK education consultants, Newport Educational were entering the market at a time of rapid change, where the private and public system had begun to merge and schools purchasing power was increasing. Newport Educational came to M&C with the task of launching a new service offering within a relatively new market. M &C were required to position them as credible players in an untapped market, which required developing a unique go-to market strategy and a strong online presence.

M&C solution

Entering a relatively untapped market meant that Newport Educational were well positioned to capitalise on the opportunity given the right positioning. Establishing their credibility and positioning them as trusted thought leaders in the education industry was paramount. M & C worked closely with Newport to develop a stand-out brand and visual identity that positioned them as more than a training provider; instead a trusted advisor.

This was reflected in strong go-to-market strategy, a review of their service offering and increased online profiling through social media.  Alongside this M&C launched a reputable industry state of play report on their behalf that establish them as educational thought leaders, whilst increasing their profile through quality media coverage.


Newport Educational are today recognised as a well-known, trusted education and training advisor for schools across the UK.  A targeted and focused sales strategy and service offering review has seen an increase in business development activity, while the launch of their industry state of play report among other thought leadership initiatives has established them as industry experts.