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Making Twitter work for your brand

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We have the ‘social media’ conversation with our clients all the time, and many are skeptical of using Twitter for business. Many business owners ask,’ how can I use Twitter as part of my business strategy when I can only see it damaging my brand’? The brutal fact, however, is social media is here to stay. So, how do you make Twitter work for your brand? Here are our top tips for getting started and maximizing Twitter:
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  • Create an account now even if you don’t use Twitter straight away. There are more than 1 million people registered with Twitter in Australia and it will get harder to find appropriate account names that are related to your business (just like domain names). Setting up a profile is free and very easy. Doing it now ensures you get the best account name that suits your business. If you can’t get your business name, create an account that describes what you do – i.e. if your company is called The Cupcake Factory, you could register a name such as @sweetcakes or @tastycakes, for example, if you can’t get your company name or something close to it.
  • Be creative with who you follow. Follow you clients, your suppliers, media, journalists, industry associations, your potential market and other people/companies that inspire you. Don’t forget that you can also use Twitter to retrieve useful information for your business as well as to share information and raise your profile.
  • Engage with your tweets. Remember social media is not about ‘pushing’ your product or service. People see through this very quickly. Twitter, like other social media platforms, is about engagement, sharing and dialogue with your network. Every once and a while announce that you have a 50% off everything sale; however don’t make your Twitter strategy about advertising. Tweet about interesting articles, new content on your site, announce news, call out for help with recruitments, business surveys etc . Engagement through Twitter will drive your brand forward.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your tweets. Use a tool like ‘bitly’ (http:bitly.com) to not only shorten links but to measure your link activity. This way you have visibility of how many people have clicked on links that you send out. Take note also of what tweets are re-tweeted to gauge what your network are interested in and then give them more similar content.
  • Promote and integrate your Twitter presence with other initiatives. Get the word out there that you are on Twitter. Add it to your email signature, to your business cards, to your website. Make sure it is easy for people to share content of your site through a range of social media platforms including Twitter. Also, don’t forget to monitor referrals to your website through Twitter via your Google analytics report. This is a great way to see your Twitter strategy working.

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