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The Task

The Synergy Group, a business established close to 15 years ago had shifted its business model along the way from a generalist learning and development company to sales transformational specialists. The business had naturally evolved over the course of its life and while clients knew exactly what the company did and offered, the positioning of Synergy had not been crystallised or  communicated to the broader market. Further The Synergy Group didn’t have strong brand awareness and was largely a hidden gem that needed unearthing in order to keep growing.

M&C Solution

M&C spoke extensively to Synergy’s clients to unearth what the company meant, what made them unique and what their clients enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. We analysed these invaluable client insights, did extensive market research and then conducted a brand and marketing strategy workshop to uncover what the brand meant for Synergy. The end result was a very comprehensive strategy that identified Synergy as a challenger brand; a brand committed to achieving sustainable sales excellence for companies across a range of sectors.

We not only determined what was at the heart of the brand, we created thought leadership for Synergy by carving out a new position that they could own. At the time, most of the experts in  sales learning and development focused on sales best practice but by coming up with the Sustainable Sales Excellence concept, we effectively defined a new area for which Synergy could own and champion. Since developing Synergy’s brand and marketing strategy, we have partnered with the company to help them execute the road map that we developed to get the brand and their business to where it needs to be. We provide a range of ongoing services from digital, content marketing and thought leadership, to media and project management.


Our recommended positioning and messaging for The Synergy Group has resonated strongly in the market. Now the brand is well known as sales excellence and transformational specialists. Our ongoing work has also assisted with lead generation and business growth. As a direct result of an article that we secured with the CEO Magazine which was then used in a targeted mailer with AMCHAM, Synergy is now working with another major ASX listed company.