M&C’s strategic rebranding transforms fertility wellness company, Thrive

M&C successfully established a new branding identity for Thrive: Global Fertility Yoga & Wellness.

Project overview

Benatural, a fertility yoga and wellness company, wanted to expand its service offerings to an international audience, broadening its reach and influence. The brand was revamped and called Thrive.

To achieve a successful rebranding strategy, M&C proposed a strategic and creative rebranding project that encompassed three key aspects:

  • Brand overhaul: The primary objective was to reinvent Benatural’s brand identity to Thrive, making it more appealing and relevant to its target international audience. This included redesigning the logo, colour palette, typography, and other visual elements that reflect the essence of Benatural’s services and values.
  • Website development: We created a state-of-the-art, user-friendly website that serves as a hub for all Thrive services. The website was optimised for SEO, mobile responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility, ensuring an optimal user experience for clients around the globe.
  • Video intro creation: Developed a high-quality, professionally produced intro video that encapsulates the essence of Thrive.
This multifaceted approach ensured that the new Thrive brand is cohesive, dynamic, and appealing to its target audience. The rebranding phase focused on developing a strong, consistent, and recognisable brand identity that resonates with Thrive’s values and aspirations.
Check out Thrive’s brand new website and identity here:


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