Thought leadership that stands out

TAS is a specialist technology partner for the banking and finance industry across Australia, supporting their clients in building a competitive edge with advanced, industry-specific technical capability. Their solutions center around four key pillars of expertise: infrastructure, network, productivity and security.

Project overview

With our extensive knowledge of the business landscape and ecosystem, Manning & Co has helped position TAS as the leading provider on technological solutions for the banking and finance industry. Driven by a comprehensive thought-leadership strategy that has seen us develop and launch numerous pivotal industry reports for them, canvassing leaders from a cross-section of the industry to develop insights that shape the future of business.

Most recently, we launched the 4th Annual TAS Compliance Index, Change, complexity and the current state of play. This year’s report looked at some of the major barriers to effective compliance management, supported by research and analysis conducted by Manning & Co, and outlines a blueprint for the future.

An example of our comprehensive and strategic marketing approach, the report offered TAS a platform to connect with the end-users and understand their needs in-depth, providing tailored insights to the market and assuring their clients of a detailed awareness of the rapidly evolving landscape. This report also supported TAS’ lead generation efforts, with the quality insights being a drawcard for financial services leaders to engage with the brand.



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