Sincerely yours – a letter from our Founder

It is hard to believe that Manning & Co (M&C) turns 15 this month! What an incredible journey it has been.

I often liken it to a roller-coaster ride – at times the journey has been exciting, joyous and thrilling. Sometimes it has been nail-biting and scary.

On a roller-coaster ride, you push yourself outside your comfort zone. Similarly, I have certainly had to push myself out of my comfort zone to ensure the M&C group safely navigated crises and seismic market disruptions while growing the business into a sustainable company with a global footprint – one that has been a solid partner to many companies and marketing professionals over the years.

Thinking back to early 2008 when I first decided to start my own consultancy after leaving the corporate world, all I knew was that I needed to keep working to keep my skills sharp and relevant after becoming a first-time mother. When I started M&C, my first-born daughter had just turned one, and little did I know that when I registered the business name and ABN one weekend so I could start my first consulting gig, that it was the beginning of a company that would be here today celebrating such a milestone.

My vision for M&C, and what I set out to achieve all those years ago, has not changed. Prior to starting M&C, I worked for large multinational companies as a corporate marketer. Being client-side where I was responsible for marketing communications and business development, and on the receiving end of consulting services from PR and branding agencies, I was often left feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed. So, I knew first-hand the frustration that many people dealing with agencies and consultants feel. I lived it.

With M&C, I wanted to change the game with marketing consulting. I wanted my clients to have a positive experience – one that was highly professional, where they could see the value of their investment, where they had a friendly, personable and expert team to work with, and where the quality of the work delivered was second to none. Additionally, we have always strived to be partners to our clients; more than a transactional relationship, we want to be the thinkers and the doers – helping to not just strategise and connect the dots, but also execute and make things happen. As true partners, we have always been there for our clients, helping them wherever it counts, with whatever makes life easier and delivers success.

As we celebrate this milestone, I’d like to personally express my deepest gratitude to our early clients, who put their trust in us even when we were still a new business, and to our key brand champions who have always waved the “M&C” flag. Thank you so much! Because of you, we have gone on to build an award-winning, reputable company that spans Asia and attracts the patronage of global companies. We have stood the test of time in a space where many agencies come and go. While it is an ongoing journey, and there is much more to achieve as a company, I think it is safe to say that I am incredibly proud of what we have built. I couldn’t be prouder of our team’s achievements and the client partnerships we have formed.

As we continue expanding our team, our global footprint and our services, we will never stray from the core of who we are. We do business with heart and a great sense of care – and this will never be lost.

Finally, I would like to share my sincerest, heartfelt thanks to all our clients and partners for supporting us on this journey, as well as to our team – both past and present. I look forward to many more rewarding moments to come.

To the next 15 years together.

Gemma x

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