Strategic marketing article by M&C

At Manning & Co, we are strategic marketers. Manning & Co’s, Founder, Gemma Manning recently wrote an article on Strategic Marketing for the Australian Business Women’s Network. See below a snapshot of the insights from the article.

The Seven Principles to Building a Winning Marketing Strategy
A bullet-proof marketing strategy is essential for business success. More often than not, business owners find themselves implementing ad hoc marketing tactics rather than a cohesive marketing strategy. Without a marketing strategy in place, how do you know which are the right marketing tactics to use?

Here are my seven key principles for creating a winning marketing strategy.
1. Think of a marketing strategy as a realistic, deliverable action plan.
2. Regularly review the assumptions on which a marketing strategy is built.
3. Take note of the external environment that surrounds your business.B
4. Listen to your customers.
5. Be targeted.
6. Look at the entire marketing mix in your strategy
7. Convert your strategy to a tactical marketing calendar with defined activities and timelines.

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