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Erda Yosi

Finance Executive

Yosi is our Finance Executive and is a vital part of the Manning & Co Group back office. Her diligence and thoroughness are highly valued, and she ensures that the group’s operations and administration are coordinated and executed smoothly and efficiently.

More about Erda Yosi

Can you tell me how long you’ve been working at M&C and what your role is?

Hi, I’m Yosi. April 1 marked my second anniversary working with M&C as a Finance Executive. Currently, I assist with finance tasks from recording all transactions, billing and invoicing, to bank reconciliation, payroll and full set of accounting. Because I am based in Batam, I am responsible for operational tasks related to the Batam office and for Batam’s teams.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

I just moved into a new rental house near the office; it only takes five to 10 minutes to get from my house to the office. I usually go to work around 7.45am Batam time to make sure that at 8am, I’m ready at my desk. When I arrive at the office, I check the office situation and switch on the lights and air conditioner as needed – this is just part of my routine. Then I’ll get a cup of tea/milk and start checking my emails, then our work management system Wrike; and open all accounting software. We have lunch from 12 noon to 1pm. Typically the team will find somewhere near the office where we can have a delicious meal and take time to do our Zuhr prayers. Then we will go back to the office to continue work, taking around five minutes at 4pm for our Asr prayer. In the last hour we work on finishing all our tasks for the day and prepare to go home.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, currently I’m obsessed with hand-made bags. I’ve several knitted bags, beaded bags, batik bags, and my newest one is a bag made with wood. All of them are hand-made by talented artists. I like the way these artists dedicate themselves to carefully producing items that have high artistic value on top of cultural value. For me it is priceless and of course unique.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

Because I am kind of an introverted person, my favourite way to spend a day off is to have ‘me time’. It depends on my mood that day whether I want to read books, have a movie marathon, cook something new, challenge myself to new things, enjoy nature, go to the mall by myself to look around, or indulge in my favourite food and drink. I don’t know, maybe it sounds weird, but I feel better when I do it alone; my energy is full, whereas when I spend time with friends or other people I feel my energy is drained more easily. I recharge by doing this.