Yeni Suwandari

Senior Graphic Designer

Yeni is one of our experienced Graphic Designers, much loved for her creativity and eye for design. She has created many beautiful visual assets over the years, including three years involved in product branding; taking products from design conceptualisation and logo design through to creating packaging, brochures and social media assets. Yeni works on several of our global client accounts providing both design direction and execution across several platforms. She takes the time to understand our clients’ businesses intimately, and designs with their brand personality and business in mind.

She holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia from Politeknik Negeri Batam.

More about Yeni Suwandari

Can you tell me how long you’ve been working at M&C and what your role is?

I’ve been working at M&C as a Graphic Designer since May 2021 so this year will be my second year. As a Graphic Designer I’m responsible for creating visual concepts and designs, choosing design elements such as colours, images, typography, brand pattern etc. to convey a specific message or idea while also keeping that all consistent with each client’s brand guidelines.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Usually I wake up at 6am to clean my cats’ litterbox and feed them. Then, if I’ve done laundry, I hang my wet laundry out to dry; if not, I clean the house. After that I prepare for work with a shower and sometimes breakfast; if I’m in too much of a rush to eat breakfast at home, I bring it to the office. For breakfast I usually just have warm water and some cake; no tea or coffee for me. I typically ride my motorbike to work – this takes 15 minutes if traffic cooperates. Once I arrive at the office, I get some water, check my to-do list, prepare my notebook, then begin work.

Do you collect anything?

I’m not a big collector but I have some mini Totoro figurines. I love this animated film! I would love to collect more if I have the chance.

What kind of media are you interested in (reading, movies, music, podcasts. Etc). What genre do you like best?

I’m into music and podcasts; I enjoy listening to them while I’m working. In terms of music genre, I love R&B/Soul, Pop and Folk Pop. My recent Spotify playlist is dominated by the NewJeans EP album. 😀 For podcasts I prefer comedy though sometimes I listen to insightful content. It lightens up my day!

Do you have any pets? How many? What are their names?

I have two cats! Their names are Cipung and Merry.

Do you have any passion projects you are working on at the moment or that you have worked on in the past?

I’ve started a small decoration business, for engagements. Actually, one of my first projects was my own engagement backdrop! Before that, I liked looking at flower decorations at weddings and was obsessed about developing skill like that. When I had saved enough I started my own small business, but this has taken a bit of a backseat because I don’t have much spare time.