M&C gives back: helping students jumpstart their creative careers in the gig economy

manning & co. goes to smkn 9 batam

M&C is proud to announce a recent seminar given by our very own senior motion and graphic designer, Qolbun Salim As Shidiqi, at the Vocational High School in Batam. The seminar aimed to help students navigate the gig economy and jumpstart their creative careers, providing them with essential skills and strategies to succeed in the changing job market.

During the seminar, Shidiqi discussed how students can leverage the gig economy to pursue career opportunities in the creative field. He provided insights on how to build a strong creative portfolio, develop professional networks, use digital platforms to promote their work, and manage finances and time wisely. By mastering these skills, students can excel as freelancers or in flexible work arrangements.

Shidiqi also highlighted the potential benefits and drawbacks of working in the gig economy and discussed the challenges and risks that may be encountered. He offered strategies on how to overcome these challenges and emphasised the importance of having a clear plan in place.

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