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Supporting small business

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There are a number of people who inspire me and that have had an impact on my career and my decision to go into business – one of those people being my mother.

My mother has been in business for more than twenty years and I have witnessed first hand the challenges that small business owners face.

Yes, there are of course many rewards too which is what drives me in my business such as flexibility, work/life balance, being one’s own boss, achievement, satisfaction… But there are just as many challenges – no paid annual leave or sick leave, long hours, difficulty in separating business and personal time, difficulty in accessing capital and the list goes on.

Since starting Manning & Co, I have gained a very deep respect for people in business. I really admire business owners and the risks that people take to be in business and the hard work that goes in to having your own business. There is something very special about the entrepreneurial spirit and it needs to be treasured.

Now more than ever, I really feel inspired to support those local businesses around me. A call to action for us all to support small business!

Gemma Manning